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Frédéric Lecointre frederic.lecointre at burnweb.net
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so my role in the european parliament is to evaluate the main piece of
the european legislation about copyrights
it was passed in 2001, it's called "the directive of copyright and
related rights in the information society and when i speak about
copyright in France, i get ask a lot "why don't you say offers rights"
it's simply because the directtive in the english version is called
"copyright in the information age", in France, it's called "droit
d'auteur", in Germany is called *!...! *but if you look at the actual
content of the directive, it use both  with the right of offers and with
the rights of rightholders and also the french "droit d'auteur" is
actually includes rights that can be transfered to a third person so
when i say copy right, i'm not saying copyright and not saying that
*!...!* should'nt be ant rights that belong to  the offer that cannot be
given away but i end of course use in the language of directive that i'm
so i was appointed by the european parliament, not by Jean-Claude
Juncker, or by somebody else. It was all the groups in the european
parliament, the representatives decided that i will be in charge of
drafting this report and i have been looking at the studies and the
*!...!* that have been done about the european copyright legislation to
see what problems exists and basically, i identified two problems
one is the problem of the territoriality of copyright in the internet
and the other is about the fact that this directtive has made mandatory
to have protection of the right holders in the entire of the european
union but it has not introduce a mandatory protection of offers or a
mandatory protection of the public so the protection of the right
holders is harmonized at the european level and the protection of the
offers and the public is completly left to the members  state.

Frédéric Lecointre
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