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information sur le ppi

dans le cadre de l'équation sur la démocratie participative, vérifions 
nous :
email + wiki > AG ?

moi je crois, comme les australiens, que oui en tout cas...

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Subject: 	[Bureau]Some thoughts on improving PPI
Date: 	Fri, 3 Oct 2014 08:00:28 +1000

Dear Pirates

As promised in our previous email, we have put together ideas to help 
make the running of PPI more effective. A big part of the problem is 
that the current structure of the General Assemblies (GAs) have made 
deliberations rushed, chaotic and ineffective. There needs to be time 
and space for serious and thoughtful deliberation. An online GA may 
address this, depending on how it is run.

We believe that Andrew Norton put forward a perfectly workable solution 
here: http 

It covers the essential requirements for a successful GA. It gives 
Parties the time to properly consider, amend and discuss proposals. 
Members of the constituent Parties can ensure their delegates vote 

We will go through changes that would make the running of GAs more 
effective and the reasoning behind what we suggest. The aim is to make 
GA's more participatory, democratic and transparent. This isn't a 
replication of the points in Andrew Norton's proposal, but there is a 
lot of overlap.

Asynchronous meetings would enable maximum participation from people all 
over the  world. This can be done with a live element, as long as audio 
is recorded and made available. It gives Parties the ability to discuss 
proposals as they are raised and allow sufficient time to consider the 
implications of any proposal. Currently only approximately 1/3 of member 
parties attend GAs, which makes PPI less representative than it could 
be. If people could access the information at a time convenient to them, 
with adequate time to consider and discuss issues amongst the Party 
memberships,both the quality of each Parties' contribution and the 
amount of Parties contributing would be set to rise dramatically.

We would also advise to have apoll consisting of all formal motions 
running for a week once the GA itself is closed. This will give member 
parties adequate time to discuss every proposal and will ensure voting 
is carried out with maximum democracy. Voting must be carried out 
transparently so each Parties' memberships can ensure their Party voted 
as the members wished. PPAU has voting software which can be easily 
configured to process ballotsfor PPI. The code is available on github so 
it can be scrutinised by anyone wanting to check that it works correctly.

Addressing PPI governance issues through online GAs would create the 
space for discussions of political issues like TPP and TTIP agreements, 
surveillance, patent and copyright issues etc. at the real world 
meetings. This would be beneficial because meaty discussions of politics 
favour participation in person and there is no harm done through missing 
out on live discussion, the conversation can just continue once the GA 
is finished because decisions are not being made. On the other hand, 
dealing with issues of governance requires careful and thoughtful 
deliberation and would be best held in long form as discussed above.

Clarifying the statutes under which PPI operates would ensure the 
organisation operated much more efficiently as voting methods etc would 
be clearly defined. Some of the statutes are worded poorly making the 
meaning ambiguous. This can cause problems conforming to and enforcing 
the rules of the organisation. By clarifying the statutes, we can ensure 
thestatutes function as intended and the meaning of each statute will be 
as clear as possible.

We hope that the proposals above will be taken in a spirit of 
constructive criticism and be given serious consideration. We want PPI 
to function as intended, to foster cooperation among Pirate Parties 
around the world on common issues and campaigns.

Kind Regards

Simon Frew
Deputy President
Pirate Party Australia

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