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coucou mr natural

si quelqu'un peut aider nickel

sinon, je peux proposer de creer sur presse.partipirate.org une 
catégorie "international" qui remplacerait par exemple "neutralité"

ensuite on doit pouvoir lier cette catégorie a notre ml international 
et/ou a piratetimes...


On 04/12/2013 12:57, mr.Natural wrote:
 > Dans le contexte, nous avons aussi reçu une demande de la part de 
Pirate Times. Il y as quelque'un/e qui peut aider ici ? Moi je peut 
traduire vers l'anglais.
 > Anouk
 > On 03/12/2013 06:03, Josef Ohlsson Collentine wrote:
 > Hi Pirates of France!
 > I'm one of the persons behind Pirate Times (piratetimes.net) (an 
international pirate news service). Today we have more than 50 pirate 
parties around the world and the main goal for Pirate Times is to 
increase international awareness between these pirate parties. This is 
done by spreading news, related to the pirate movement, internationally 
and sharing best practices regardless of borders.
 > We have been around for more than a year and hopefully you already 
have an opinion about what we do and how we do it. We would love to get 
some feedback from Pirates in France about how we can improve Pirate 
Times. What do we do good? What would you like to see more of? Is the 
quality of the articles good? etc.
 > To reach more people we would like to ask you for an additional 
favor. Just mention us in your communication with your members/followers 
to make them more aware of the international pirate movement. If you 
have someone interested in helping out more on an international level we 
are always looking for more people to join our team: 
 > We constantly update with international pirate news at 
piratetimes.net and link to it through our facebook  [ 
https://www.facebook.com/PirateTimes ] and twitter [ 
https://twitter.com/piratetimes ]. When you see interesting content 
there we would appreciate if you could re-publish this to your 
followers. Hopefully we will have news available in Spanish and French 
in the future as well.
 > If you are able to help us even more with spreading the news you can 
do like the PP of Catalonia (@partit_pirata) did and auto-tweet all our 
news by using the tool http://twitterfeed.com/ and adding our RSS to it. 
Another great help with visibility would be to place our banner on the 
sidebar on your website ->
 > 300px wide - 
 > 200px wide - 
 > tl;dr
 > 1. What is your feedback on Pirate Times?
 > 2. Help spread the international pirate news by mentioning our 
articles in your social media
 > Kindly,
 > Josef
 > p.s. We're developing a PP API with basic information about each 
pirate party that will hopefully come to great use for everyone. Keep 
track on piratetimes.net for the release that will happen soon.
 > p.p.s. Would be great if you could forward this mail to your 
person(s) responsible for social media since this mail is relevant for 
them as well.
 > --
 > Organizational Administrator for Pirate Times http://piratetimes.net
 > Contact me for any questions or concerns and I will do my best to 
help you. Also working as International Contact for PPSE.
 > Other contact:
 > Skype: josef.ohlsson.collentine
 > Twitter: @collentine
 > Alix Guillard <alix at guillard.fr> wrote:
 >     Un joli travail de comparaison des mesures proposées par les partis
 >     pirates du monde entier.
 >     http://www.cleopolis.com/PP_comparison_policies.html
 >     Joli travail mais j'ai l'impression qu'il y a quelques erreurs, me
 >     trompé-je ?
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 >     Discussions at lists.partipirate.org
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